3D Rendering Images for Facade

Our client, Jim Fortescue, an Executive at Starcraft (a US based company), approached us for rendering of attached homes with landscaping.

3D Rendering Images for Facade

Team Designs team adopted a proper communication strategy that ensured the client about the proper delivery of the renderings.

Domain: 3D Image Rendering

Location: Main Street and Van Norden, Washington, NC

Timeline: Mar 2020 – May 2020

Services: 3D Exterior Image Rendering, 3D Interior Image Rendering


The project was about the rendering of three attached homes with landscaping. He wanted to begin with one house and after satisfaction will continue for the other two. The client was very specific about the landscape and colours to follow.

The Scope of Work

Three Exterior Renders –

This is the Exterior Front View of the proposed three houses.

Two Interior Renders –

These are One Interior Kitchen Shot and One Interior Living Shot.


The client provided us with the following;

Pdf files of Elevations

Dwg files of plan

Images of site, materials, samples to follow and Google Map location.

Work Procedure:

All the details given by them were very explanatory and we sort it out and made it simpler by coordinating everything into a markup image.

We produce the images in three stages: Wireframe, Texture sample and Post Production.

Stage 1- Wireframe: Once the deposit payment is made, drawings are received and the camera angle is confirmed, we will begin modeling the perspective. The Project Manager will then send a black and white image for you to approve the camera angle and modeling as per drawings provided. Once this is approved, we will begin to add colours and materials to the model following the lighting setting requested.

Stage 2-Texturing: The Project Manager will then send a Texture Sample image for you to check the colours and materials against the schedule provided. This is a low-resolution image. Once this is approved, we will render the final image at 3000pixels and begin the post production work.

Stage 3-Post Production: In this stage, the landscaping and post work effects are added to the image. We can also include people and cars if required.


A premium quality output was provided at a cost-effective price for the client. Our dedication to successfully complete the client’s project resulted in satisfactory outcome. Needless to say, client was very happy with the solution we provided, and they also completed the other houses renderings with us.